#NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Internship

I started at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab as one of the summer interns. I had my internship extended for the first quarter of school. Then, in the spring quarter of school I was hired part time to complete some 3d visualizations.

#RPS visualization Animation

Here is one of the 3D visualizations/animations of spacecraft nuclear generators I created.

More information can be found at http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/rps/asrg.cfm

#MER Data Visualization

Data Visualization created for NASA/JPL's cloud computing team. The original takes scraped data from the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) and parses it into the Data Visualization. It gives an overview of how the cloud backup system works. Data from MER is recieved at JPL and sent to two of three backup servers across the country. The data visualization also splits the type of data sent by the type of data. The recorded here is running off of simulated data. Many more features/polish were meant to be added, but had to be left out in the interest of time as there was a tight deadline.

#Human Interfaces Group Work Data Visualization

My first time creating any sort of data visualization/using processing outside of Interactivity class.

3d graph that shows the number of check-ins and lines of code done by engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Supports the Kinect and has a keyboard/mouse version as well. A "click" in the kinect version is registered when you move the desired hand forward. When depressed, the left had rotates the camera, the right hand performs clicks and both hands together allows the user to pinch-zoom.

Alex Lu 2016