#Tizen Hackathon Project


This game was the submission Jonathan Solichin and I entered in a hackathon sponsored by BeMyApp, and Tizen, an open source mobile platform supported by the Linux Foundation, Samsung, and Intel. The criteria was to create an HTML5 Tizen app that took advantage of their platform API's.

We ended up winning the grand prize.

Tizen Booting

The game is essentially a reversal of the classic Breakout game. Instead of destroying blocks, the player creates blocks by adding primary colors. Too add extra depth to the game, we used the Tizen accelerometer APIs to allow the user to rotate the virtual camera in 3D space. The game was written in HTML5 using the Three.js library.

Tizen Game


We decided to revisit the project later that year for a UCLA Game Lab Exhibition. Working with Jonathan Solichin and Kevin Lin, we "ported" the app into a pseudo-hologram.

Jonathan and I were responsible for impelmenting multiplayer, remapping the controls, and projecting the game into four separate camera views to be projected onto the trapezoid. Kevin Lin created the physical plexiglass trapezoid that the game was projected on.

Unfortunately, the nature of the project made it difficult to photograph. The holograms were significantly more visible than they appear to be in the photos.

Tizen Projection Tizen Projection Tizen Projection

Alex Lu 2016